Long-term care management

With later life illnesses becoming more common, our expert team will help you to identify and implement the best solutions for funding long-term care to safeguard your assets and quality of life.


The best solution for you

Loss of independence impacts not just those directly affected. The cost of care is the first thing on most people’s mind, and in extreme cases loved ones may have to give up work, further affecting not only their immediate financial situation, but also their ability to save for later life.

Life expectancy has increased from 69 in 1950 to close to 82 today and with that has come a whole new set of financial issues to solve. The onset of physical limitations as well as the effects of neurological conditions is having a major impact on independence in later life.

However, forward planning for a time when you may not be able to plan at all will help all concerned, especially those making decisions for you. We can help you with this and help your power of attorneys understand their duties and how your finances are managed.

By implementing this kind of financial forward planning, you and your loved ones will be free to focus on arranging your care. The whole process is far less stressful if everyone knows their role and what is expected on them.


  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • General Investment Account (GIAs)
  • Investment bonds
  • Immediate care annuities


  • Clients planning ahead
  • Power of attorneys
  • Deputies

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