Estate planning

We can help you ensure that your wealth is passed on in the most cost-effective way, and work with you to manage your Inheritance Tax bill.


Inter-generational wealth management

There is more than a hint of truth when people say that it is your choice to pay estate duties – understanding your choices makes these decisions easier.

All financial planning starts by asking the right questions – what do I have and how much do I need – and estate planning is no different. Not only can our cashflow forecast highlight the value of your estate today, but also estimate the value of your estate for every year into the future. Many people underestimate how their estate will grow in retirement – only when armed with this information can you consider how best to pass your life’s assets to the next generation.

For some this may be a good time to start including your next generation in the decision-making, especially as you may be expecting them to act as your power of attorneys or executors in the future. In many cases they will gain valuable investment experience that will not only help them make better decisions for you, but often results in them being able to manage their own finances better. We like to call this inter-generational wealth management.

Estate Planning Services include:

  • Cashflow forecasting – income planning
  • Cashflow forecasting – estate planning
  • AIM shares
  • Gift Trusts
  • Discounted Gift Trusts
  • Loan Trusts
  • Reversionary Trusts
  • Business Relief schemes


  • Investors with and joint estate in excess of £1 million or a single estate of £500,000

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