Cashflow forecasting

Our wealth managers here at William Highbourne can build you a cashflow forecast to help you plan for your dream financial future.


Manage your cashflow today

Many people have a good awareness of their current financial status and they may dream about their financial future. If this is you, then our wealth managers at William Highbourne can help to build you a cashflow forecast to plan for your dream financial future.

Cashflow forecasting in its simplest form is looking at your current income versus your current expenditure.

It becomes far more interesting when we start to look at your future with questions such as:….

  • How will you bridge the income and expenditure gap when you retire?
  • How much capital will you need for retirement?

Once you can visualise the effects of your basic financial strategy, other questions will start to spring to mind:

  • How does your household net worth grow if you have excess income or don’t use any of the invested capital?
  • The value of your estate in 10 or 20 years’ time may be much bigger than expected.
  • How long will your capital last if you go into care?
  • Running out of money whist needing care is a crucial worry for so many.
  • What happens if the investments don’t do as well as planned?

These may be some of the questions that you may start to think about.

Contact us and arrange to meet with one of our wealth investment managers who will help you to visualise your financial future and build a cashflow forecast that works for you.


  • Assets tree summary of asset.
  • Cashflow charts, showing income and expenditure.
  • Assets charts, showing how your assets will rise or reduce in value during your lifetime.
  • Estate charts, showing how the value of your estate changes over time.
  • Estate on death chart, showing how much inheritance tax may be due.
  • Current circumstance reports.
  • Comparison reports, Current v Planned recommendation.



  • Anyone faced with making major financial decisions, whether looking to downsize their home, make a gift, planning to retire or worried about paying for long-term care costs.

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