Our approach

Integrated wealth management to bring stability to life’s uncertainties.

Integrated wealth management

To help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, your wealth manager will devise and oversee a strategy using ‘wrappers’.

This is simply an account that is ‘wrapped’ around your investments to give them a level of protection from tax. By blending our financial planning know-how with our investment management expertise, you can take full advantage of this seamless service that is more joined-up and cost-effective than purchasing separate solutions.

Open architecture

We use an open architecture investment approach at William Highbourne to create an integrated wealth service, which means we can offer our clients a coordinated investment strategy across all their financial plans using both proprietary and external products to meet their needs.

We believe this approach ensures that the financial needs of all our clients are met for the best value, while providing an unbiased, tailored solution that is as bespoke as their needs.

Traditional values, modern tools

Underpinning our expertise, capability and active-management ethos is our technology. We seek out new ways to interact with our customers, as well as researching emerging platform technology to manage their wealth.

Clear communication is a priority, and with changes in global norms we now offer virtual meetings online to accommodate our clients’ preferred method, which complements our face-to-face and personal approach to financial advice.

We also offer our Personal Financial Portal (PFP) for secure messaging, storing documents and keeping your personal details up to date.

Our Discretionary
Portfolio Service (DPS)

Our principal approach integrates financial planning with our Discretionary Portfolio Service (DPS). Your wealth manager will meet with you to discuss your objectives and make recommendations for creating your investment profile, agreeing a strategy to best meet your financial aims and lifestyle ambitions.

Drawing on our experience, our investment management committee will then invest your portfolio, making adjustments in response to market changes or to capitalise on opportunities in your best interest.

We monitor your portfolio, making adjustments as economics change, so you can relax and focus your time on doing the things you enjoy. Accordingly, we will hold periodic review meetings with you to assess the performance of your portfolio against its benchmark, and consider any changes in your circumstances and investment profile.

A consolidated tax voucher listing dividends and interest will be made available for taxable accounts.

Our Advisory
Portfolio Service (APS)

Our Advisory Portfolio Service (APS) also integrates financial planning with managing your investments – your wealth manager will meet with you to discuss your goals then create and present an investment strategy to meet your objectives.

However, with our APS, as world economics develop, your wealth manager will discuss and advise you on the changes required to keep your investments meeting your needs. This extra layer of interaction will allow you to decide if you would like to keep your favourite investments or those inherited stocks with an emotional connection. These regular reviews give greater insight into your portfolio, and learning how we manage your finances helps you gain confidence and builds trust that lasts a lifetime.

Periodic reviews, statements and online access are included as part of this service. These are important, as your wealth manager can only make changes to your portfolio with your approval.

A consolidated tax voucher listing dividends and interest will be made available for taxable accounts.

Our financial planning process

Our wealth managers are experts in researching and seeking out solutions to make the most of the current investment landscape. They will work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your own financial aims as well as your concerns, to create a personal strategy that works for you.

We understand that financial affairs are often very private and not readily shared – every situation is different and inter-generational matters can be complex. Our wealth managers will meet with your family, trustees, or power of attorney to explain as much as you choose, then guide you through the process.

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